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Do you have challenges in your life that you know need resolving?  I may be able to help. I realize everyone is different and responds to different types of therapy. First, I listen to understand what you want to work on, and how it is affecting your life. We then develop goals for therapy. We will explore the issues together and ways to resolve these issues in a manner that is right for you. When I work with you, you are not just a client, you are an individual. For couples, if you are experiencing problems with effective communication skills, you can learn strategies to communicate in a more effective way.  For individuals, I specialize in grief and loss counseling. We experience grief in many ways. This can create a desire to move on without processing the loss.  If you experience anxiety and/or depression that is stopping you from moving ahead with life, you can learn skills to help you move forward, improving the quality of your life. Contact me today!